Another year…

This year has been great. Yet again I find myself pushing forward and bettering myself from the inside and the outside.

I started the year with excitement and verve and had a great birthday surrounded by friends. If I had to think about this year and sum it up in one word that would be NEW.

New places:

New York was amazing. I got to see so many things and experience a part of the world that is one of a kind. It was great to see Larissa and I am so glad we made the effort to stay in touch over the years. My mom and I had a sort of “breakthrough”, it was tough to have that talk and break down the walls we had built over 25 years but it was important and I feel like it made a huge difference in our relationship. 

Palm Springs was fabulous. Just the whole feeling of not worrying one bit about anything and being able to lay in the sun and just let everything go even for a few days was perfect. I really just think that my whole family on that side is very Hakuna Matata, there is no other way of describing them that captures it so wholly.

Newfoundland. What can I say? I was an experience like no other. I know it is not the most exotic locale and may not be on everyone’s bucket list of places to see before they die but nowhere I have ever been before has felt more like “home” than there. Spending time with Matt and his family was truly one of my best memories. I can’t say there was one bit of that trip that I didn’t enjoy. From sitting on the patio with Barry, Colleen, Matt and Icicle, looking through pictures in the living room with them, sipping tea on Barbara-Anne and Ray’s back porch, eat cod au gratin, stopping for fish and chips twice, cuddling with Millie, driving to Corner Brook with Matt, meeting and partying with all of Matt’s friends and most importantly spending time seeing everything with Matt and just taking in the beautiful landscape. I cannot wait to go back.

New Friends:

Lots of new people at work to make it a little less painful to be there. One in particular. Doug is so much like me and so funny I am so glad that I met him. 

Obviously all of the friends of Matt’s that I met in NL were so much fun and so funny and welcoming. I really like Julian and Jo and Walshy.

New goals:

Fittness, fun, drive, school, priorities.

I think I may have passed some sort of threshold for being an adult because I still love to have fun and party but I can’t wait for my future.

Matt and I had a serious talk in the summer and just laid everything out. I told him I want to know what I have to look forward to in the future and have some certainty and I for the longest time thought that I was kidding myself that Matt would ever want that too especially with me. But I was wrong. We both want a future and we want it together and are willing and want to work for it. It’s amazing to know that I have the sort of security that comes with something serious but not have the formality.

Of course things with my whole family are just getting better with each passing day.

Either way it has been an amazing year and I just can’t wait to live next year.

Right sprucey like! #sprucemeadows #ehrmergerdponies  (at Spruce Meadows)

Right sprucey like! #sprucemeadows #ehrmergerdponies (at Spruce Meadows)


This year has actually been one of the best of my life. I can’t help but want to write it down and have it to look back on in the future. 

I honestly thought at the beginning of the year that things would be average and that I would just be maintaining the status quo for the rest of another year. Things with Paul were terrible (now that I look back on it I see how obvious it was) and things in life were mediocre.

My birthday was a pathetic mess and I was unhealthy in so so many ways then Paul and I split up and I really thought that things were going to nosedive hard and that I would have to fight to not cry for every moment of every day. It wasn’t immediately that I started to feel like things would be okay but within two weeks I started to feel somewhat normal again. Then after a month I noticed that I actually felt free, like a weight had been lifted. I no longer had this father-figure type boyfriend telling me how he thinks I should live my life and constantly managing to find news ways to not have fun.

Then I met Matt.

I can honestly say that he has changed my life for the better more than anyone I have met in my adult life. We hit it off immediately and I couldn’t be happier that I am dating him.

Happiness just sort of snowballed from then on. My job was pretty okay and I was still having fun, I got a promotion and had the best summer ever just doing minor travel and enjoying days with my friends.

School started and I have been doing not too bad. It isn’t as much of a stressor for me now which is nice and makes it much more enjoyable to be there. 

The new job is going quite well and it’s Christmas time now and I really have no complaints other than I want more of my wonderful life. There needs to be more hours in a day so I can soak in the rich and amazing life I have.

I know none of my friends or family really read this but on the off chance that one day one of them does:

I love you and you make my life brighter than the sun. 

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